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Facility Information

General Information
The Boyd County Detention Center is a 206 bed jail located in Catlettsburg, KY.  The jail consists of 2 sections, the original jail built in 1991, and an addition built in 2006 which more than doubled the available beds.  The Boyd County Detention Center is a full service facility, housing pre-trial inmates, final sentenced county inmates, and state inmates for the Kentucky Department of Corrections.

Visitation is held every Thursday and Saturday.  Inmates receive one 20 minute visit per week, on either of the visitation days.  All inmates are required to sign up for their preferred visitation time on Tuesday.  That schedule is then posted on this website and in the front lobby for your convenience.

Extra Clothing
Due to attempts to smuggle drugs and other contraband into this facility, we do not accept any clothing items for anyone currently incarcerated.  Any clothing item an inmate needs, including socks, undergarments, and t-shirts, may be purchased from the commissary.

Indigent Supplies:
Inmates who cannot afford hygiene items and writing supplies will be given these items free of charge as required by the Kentucky Jail Standards.

Mail is picked up and delivered on every day the USPS picks up and delivers mail.  Mail WILL NOT be given to inmates that originates from another jail, rehab facility, halfway house, safe harbor, or any mail that violates a court order if delivered.  Prohibited items in the mail include: printoffs from the internet, drawings in anything besides standard lead pencil and blue or black ink, photocopies, revealing photos, photos relating to criminal activity, photos not professionally developed, tattoo drawings or pictures, lipstick, puzzles,  postage stamps, blank paper or cards, greeting cards with glitter or those that are constructed in a way which would permit contraband to be concealed.

Inmates have access to phones 24 hours per day unless they are in disciplinary isolation.  If you are receiving harassing phone calls from an inmate in our facility, contact Chief Deputy Jurta or Captain Matthews at (606) 739-4224.

Medical Services:
Inmates in our facility have access to medical and dental services.  There is a cost associated with these services as there is with any visit to the doctor or dentist.  Prisoners will not be denied medical or dental care due to an inability to pay.  All medical services are provided by Advanced Correctional Healthcare.