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Detector / Tracking K9 Program

Jailer Joe Burchett and the Boyd County Detention Center are pleased to announce we now have a drug detection and tracking K9.  Cole, a Belgian Malinois, was purchased in July  2013 from Tactical Detection K9 in Louisville, KY.  This makes the Boyd County Detention Center one of only two county jails in Kentucky with a drug detection and tracking K9.

Although his purchase and deputy training cost $4200, Jailer Burchett secured funding through Securus Technologies, our inmate telephone provider, to cover that amount, meaning his purchase didn’t cost taxpayers a dime.

Our decision to purchase a drug detection K9 was a result of the dramatic increase in arrests of those in possession of methamphetamine and heroin.  We have also had an increased number of inmates attempting to smuggle drugs into our facility.  Although having a K9 does not replace the need for a thorough search for contraband, it does provide us with another tool to stop illegal drugs from entering our facility.

Cole’s handler, Chief Deputy Tom Jurta, attended a 6-day training course, with classroom sessions, hands-on searches in real life scenarios, and a certification test held to USPCA standards.  Areas searched in training included the North Oldham County Fire Department Training Center, North Oldham Middle School, the Oldham County Detention Center, and numerous vehicle searches, including both parked cars and during simulated traffic stops. Cole is a passive detection K9, and is trained to detect several illegal drugs and commonly abused controlled substances.  He is also trained in tracking, which can include searching for missing persons, tracking anyone who runs from law enforcement, or help capture anyone who escapes from custody.