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Inmate Work Program

The Boyd County Detention Center Inmate Work Program was started by Jailer Joe Burchett on January 1, 2003, his first day in office.  This program not only provides valuable labor to the community, it also teaches inmates valuable skills and work ethic.  Since nearly all inmates in the program will be released from jail in a matter of months, these skills may help them find a job and lower the rate of recidivism. 
Normally, there are 5 inmate work crews of varying size, working in the jail kitchen, inside sanitation and laundry, and 2 outside work crews, and a crew working with the City of Catlettsburg.  Work opportunities are available for both male and female inmates.  For more information on our work program, see the FAQ section on this page.

BCDC Inmate Work Program recent areas of work:

1. Spring 2012 tornado debris cleanup and deliver relief supplies to Boyd, Lawrence, Magoffin, and Menifee counties
2. Maintain area baseball and football fields, including Fraley Field (Summit), Fannin Park Fields (Ponderosa),     Catlettsburg Baseball Fields, and Fairview fields
3. Clean up after sporting events at Ashland, Boyd County, and Fairview
4. Cleaned up over 60,000 pounds of roadside litter and illegal dump sites over the past year
5. Maintained numerous cemeteries in Boyd County, including Coalton, Bowling, Pollard, Straight Creek, and Hackworth
6. Maintain Boyd County Fairgrounds and provide labor and cleanup during and after the fair
7. Roadside cleanup and mowing in multiple areas of Westwood
8. Mow and improve area around Catlettsburg Murals
9. Maintain area around Catlettsburg-Kenova Bridge
10. Renovations and landscape maintenance for Ashland Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #3
11. Port of Ashland (Ashland Riverfront) clean up after events
12. Maintain in and around Rush Community Center and Catlettsburg Community Center
13. Roadside cleanup along U.S. 60 and U.S. 23 in all areas of Boyd County

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What places can the inmates work?  Inmates can work along county, state, and U.S. road and highway right-of-ways, work in public cemeteries, clean up illegal dump sites, assist non-profit organizations, and work with local or state government departments/ agencies.

2.  What types of inmates are eligible to work?  County inmates must be final sentenced and not be currently charged with or have previous charges of a violent nature.  Additionally, they must have a clean disciplinary record within the jail.  State inmates are leveled by the Classification Branch of the Kentucky Department of Corrections (KY DOC).  Levels run from 1 to 5, with the lowest number indicating the lowest level of risk to the public.  Only level 1 and 2 inmates may work outside of the jail, while higher classification levels may work inside of the secure facility.  Level 1 inmates may work outside away from supervision of jail staff, while level 2 inmates must be supervised by deputy jailers.

3.  Why aren’t the deputies supervising inmates always armed?  Due to the fact that only non-violent offenders are permitted to work in the community, they present no danger to the community.  Should any situation arise, local law enforcement and deputy jailers will respond immediately.  In the last 10 years, there have been no incidents in which public safety has been put at risk.

4.  Who pays for all of the equipment inmates’ use?  All equipment is paid for with proceeds from the inmate commissary fund.  None of the work equipment, including the work truck they ride in, were purchased with taxpayer funds.  Essentially, inmates and their families buy all of the equipment used in this program.

5.  How do I get an area mowed or illegal dump cleaned up?  Contact the Boyd County Detention Center at (606) 739-4224 and speak with Jailer Burchett, the Chief Deputy, or the Captain on duty.

6.  Can inmates clean up yards for the elderly, disabled, or those with a medical condition?  Unfortunately, state laws and KY DOC rules and regulations prohibit us from allowing inmates to clean up private property.  The only exception to this rule is when a state of emergency has been declared, and even then there are restrictions on what can and cannot be done.